My name is Luigi
and I’m your Mountain Guide

My home town, Cava de’ Tirreni, is the gate of the
Lattari Mountains,
where the “Path 300 Alta Via” starts. In about 80 km we’ll be in
Punta Campanella,
in front of the Capri island. I’m environmentally friendly.
I love the mountain so I take care of it all the time,
cleaning the trails.

Together we will discovery the most beautiful peaks near the Amalfi Coast, we will trek the Path of the Gods, the path of the Sanctuary of the Avvocata. We will immerse ourselves in the fantastic nature of the Valle delle Ferriere in Amalfi, among high waterfalls, prehistoric ferns and ruins of ancient paper mills and iron foundry. We will also discover the wild peaks of Cilento, such as Mount Cervati or the Alburni Mountains, where we will have the opportunity to spend the night in the characteristic shelters. Moreover I will be able to take you to the superb peaks of central / southern Italy, like the wonderful mountains of Abruzzo and Basilicata.

We can hike during the day, but also at the dusk, when the sky become red.

Book your trek, the difference is in the experience.

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