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Sentiero degli Dei

Minuta – Valley Mills – Amalfi

Through ancient stairs and paths among lemon trees, you reach the Valle dei Mulini an uncontaminated wooded area full of springs and waterfalls between high mountains. Inside the deep valley, you can see several examples of industry from the 10th century, such as the remains of an old aqueduct or the ironworks, and then we will also see ruins of many paper mills that remain one of the few links with history, wealth and the power of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi.
It starts from the village of Minuta direction “Fica e ‘noce” stopping for a visit to the remains of an ancient church, then all catapulted in a unique place, at least at our latitudes the Valle delle Ferriere Nature Reserve true casket of many treasures such as La Grande Cascata over 25 meters high, or the Perennial Musks, in this subtropical microclimate, you can find Ciclamini, wild orchids, Pinguicola hirtiflora (a carnivorous plant), and especially the very famous prehistoric fern Woodwardia Radicans, a species rare giant fern that has been present in the area for more than three hundred million years.
At the end of the path, for those who want it there is the possibility to visit the Paper Museum, where you will have the possibility to create a piece of paper, using the same methods that were used in the Middle Ages.

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Distance: A/R 9 km 

Difference in heigth: +650 m

Total duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: “E T”
Touristic Excursion

Trekking shoes, sticks, hat, water.

Suitable for everyone