Project Description

Sentiero degli Dei

Path of Gems

This excursion is a very special, for most of the path we will walk on country lanes, long stone steps and on ancient streets between the various villages, there will be many ancient churches that we will meet on our way.
Now prepare your camera that will work a lot today.
It starts from zero meters above sea level from the small seaside village of Maiori, the trail starts from the Church of Santa Maria built in the thirteenth century, we will continue along the path of lemons that connects it to the other seaside village of Minori, among fragrant lemon groves and beautiful views, such as the splendid panoramic terrace overlooking Minori, the belvedere of the “mortella”, the dialect name of the myrtle, widespread in the area.
We will cross the village of Minori and after long flights of stairs and ancient lanes we will arrive in another pearl of the Amalfi Coast the beautiful Ravello, passing through the famous Auditorium of Niemeyer we arrive in Piazza del Duomo, where we can have a coffee in the splendid bars of the square, and then continue our journey to our next destination, and needless to say a real jewel of our coast, set in the rock we find the wonderful Atrani.
We continue our descent towards the sea and after an infinity of stairs and breathtaking landscapes, wonderful churches such as Santi Cosma and Damiano of 1400, or princely villas overlooking the sea.
We arrive in Atrani in a fairytale landscape the path leads us right on the churchyard of the Collegiate of St. Mary Magdalene was erected in 1274.
We continue our trek towards Amalfi with a small detour we pass through the remains of the millennial Torre dello Ziro with a spectacular view on two sides both that of Atrani and that of Amalfi. We go back a few steps and we go to the last stretch of this trek, which from the village of Pontone will take us in a few minutes above the village of Amalfi, where you can not miss a visit to the majestic Cathedral of St. Andrea true casket of treasures, finally to conclude in the best way our day can not ‘miss a tasty ice cream eaten on the steps of the Duomo.
Now we just have to take the bus that will take us back to the starting point.

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Distance: A/R 12km 

Difference in height: +370 m

Total duration: 6 hours

Difficulty: “E”

Low and light trekking shoes, poles, hat, sunglasses, water.

Path Suitable for everyone