Project Description

Sentiero degli Dei

Path of the Panormo

We are located in the province of Salerno, in the heart of Vallo di Diano Alburni, precisely in the town of Ottati, from where we take a mountain road with the car, that will take us up to 1350mt of the Panormo shelter run by two of our dear friends Pasquale and Antonietta.
Before leaving, they will offer us an excellent coffee in the shade of centuries-old beeches (dominant species in these mountains) which, as we will see, will accompany us almost to the summit, not before having looked at another unique phenomenon of these mountains, the swallows , due to the karstic nature of these mountains.
Once out of the woods we have to do the most difficult part of the entire path, the last part of the path, between rocks, and here is the summit of Mount Alburno (Panormo) with its 1740mt altitude.
From here we can observe a splendid panorama that embraces most of the Vallo di Diano and Cilento, up to the borders with Basilicata.
For the descent we return from the same path to the shelter, where we could have a great hot meal and drink some good wine.

P.S. At your request for this trek you can stay overnight at the shelter with dinner and breakfast by booking the room in advance.

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Distance: A/R 11km 

Difference in heigght: +450 m

Total duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: “E”

Hiking shoes, sticks, hat, water.

Suitable for everyone