With the arrival of the cold weather we at Trekking Amalfi Coast certainly do not go into hibernation, indeed, it is exactly this moment that we feel the most attraction and desire to go to the mountains, living in a mountainous region like Campania certainly do not lack the possibilities, because our region is not only the Lattari Mountains overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea with a typically Mediterranean climate, but we also have an inland area to discover, with the provinces of Avellino and Benevento that in winter become a destination for hikers from all over the region, attracted by beautiful mountains where in winter are the master of snow activities and one of these are snowshoeing. So we at Trekking Amalfi Coast have decided to give our customers the opportunity to have this experience as well.

We have a lot of trails where we can practice this fun and fascinating winter activity. We can cross the plains of Monte Terminio or walk on the paths of Lake Laceno, or between the immense beech forests of Cervati and Alburni, and many other places where you can, make beautiful experiences in contact with nature, and why not make new acquaintances in an atmosphere of friendship and conviviality between people who have a single purpose: to enjoy the beauty that our land offers us without leaving traces of their passage except those of snowshoeing on the snow.


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