Path of Mount Finestra

Today’s trek is a very demanding, we are at Cava de’ Tirreni the north door of the Amalfi Coast, the summit to climb is that of Mount Finestra 1138 meters, vertical mountain you could say, since thanks to its high difference in height in less than 2 km exceeds 750 meters, once a year is run by athletes for an uphill race called “Vertikal Monte Finestra“. So as you will surely understand today it will be hard, but do not be frightened once you reach the top you will be rewarded with a great 360 ° spectacular view of all the Lattari Mountains, Vesuvius, the Picentini Mountains Alburni and of course on our Amalfi Coast.
The climb can be done from several sides, certainly the most interesting is the path C.A.I. 308a also known as Sergio Rosa in memory of a climber who in the 40’s of last century lost his life climbing the high walls under the peak. The path is exposed in some places and in some we need the help of hands, but the views are breathtaking. Once on the summit we could enjoy a good coffee taking advantage of the hospitality of the bivouac at the top overlooking the Gulf of Salerno.

Mappa_Monte Finestra
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Distance: 7 km 

Altitude diff.: +750 m

Total duration: 5 h

Difficulty: “EH”  (Difficult)

Hiking shoes, poles, hat, sunglasses, water, anorak.

Depending on the path chosen, the degree of difficulty may vary from “H” (moderate) to “EH” (difficult). 
Trail 308a is not suitable for vertigo sufferers.


hike & wine vesuvius

T = Tourist – Itinerary on small roads, stairs, mule tracks or wide paths. The routes generally do not require specific training other than that typical of the walk; suitable for everyone.

hike & wine vesuvius

H = Hiking – Routes on paths or obvious traces in various types of terrain (pastures, debris, stones …). They are generally marked with red and white paint or only red They can also take place in snowy environments but only slightly inclined. They require training to walk even for a few hours and stress on the knees for the presence of long stretches of stairs, suitable for all.


EH = Experienced hikers – these routes are generally signposted but with some difficulty: the terrain can be made up of slippery slopes of grass, mixed of rocks and grass, rocks, although paths that do not require special equipment you can present individual rocky passages easy to climb (use of hands in some places). They require surefootedness and absence of vertigo. The physical preparation must be adequate for a day of fairly continuous walking.